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01   Detailed communication.

02   Sketches drawing and confirmation with customers.

03   Sample making.

04   Feedback collection and further communication.

05   Quantity production.

06   Delivery planning.

The style of customized furniture is up to you

Whole house customization is a home design and customization, installation and other services as one of the home customization solutions. The home furnishings provided include the overall wardrobe or bookcase, shoe cabinet, TV cabinet and other furniture supplies, which is conducive to reducing inventory backlog, reducing costs, and meeting the needs of consumers. However, there are still some shortcomings, such as too many hardware accessories, which are easy to be missed or lost, and test the installers Fu's comprehensive quality and so on.

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5AF Whole Floor, xingguang Yingjing Building, No. 119 Shuiyin Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

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+86  020-22139325

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